Alismobile is the outcome of combining knowledge and expertise of professionals in the world of furniture edition for public facilities.

Experience in the seating design, development and manufacture, as well as in the engineering of telescopic bleachers in a global context,allow us to providethe best solutions to our customers, in terms of both design and cost.

Manufacture and production have evolved, in order to look for geographic optimization of the costs.
Alismobile has production facilities in China, Chile, Mexico and Spain seeking the best results.

However,the secret lies in the centralized engineering and managementof the, from Mexico and Barcelona. The experience of our team enables us to develop customized products forour customers, in order to get full a esthetic and functional adaptation to the project, observing all formal aspects.

In order tohave and improve our knowledge base, we partner with companies specialized indifferent segments. This collaborative approach adds valuein bothproduct developmentand in manufacturing.